Harbison Origins

Born in Lincolnton, NC, Charles developed an early interest in fashion while observing his mother, Dana’s, process of readying herself for special occasions in their small, southern hometown. Whether opting for statement pieces in bold hues, curating subtle, monochromatic ensembles, or finishing a look with one of her signature accessories, her capacity to transform via fashion was – and remains – inspiring. The heart of Harbison stems from these beautiful, nostalgic memories.

“Do what you do and do it exceedingly well -C.H.”

The epitome of sustainable, inclusive fashion

Our Values

Sustainability. Inclusivity. Innovation.

Inspired by the ever-changing world of conscious fashion, HARBISON recognize the importance of sustainability, with black, female, queer and marginalized identities at the heart of each creative, process and business decision.

Each collection is expertly curated with a commitment to art, discipline and excellence in design.

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Charles Harbison



After initial study in architecture, Charles completed his undergraduate studies in Fiber Arts and Textile Science at North Carolina State University and postgraduate study at Parsons school of Design in Fashion. Educated in both the arts and sciences, Charles has developed a uniquely informed understanding of the fundamentals of design, the principles of aesthetics, and the complex science behind fabrics and materials.

With a year abroad researching central Asian Textiles and an initial career in luxury textile design, Charles began his womenswear fashion career in NYC with designer stints at Michael Kors collection, Luca Luca, and Billy Reid.

In NYC 2013, Charles then launched his comprehensive collection, Harbison, with womenswear, menswear, and accessories exploring the designer’s central themes: ease, modernity, culture, gender, and sustainability.

Having dressed a slew of iconic celebrities (i.e. Beyonce, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ava Duvernay), design directed contemporary brands (i.e. Ungaro in London, Cult Gaia & Nicholas in LA), and collaborated with large-scale businesses around design, culture, and sustainability (i.e. Banana Republic, Waste Management) Charles continues to build Harbison in Los Angeles, infusing his experience — as well as his fascination with conceptual dualities — into this singular luxury lifestyle design studio.

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