Wear clothing that ignites the true self. HARBISON creates gender-neutral and gender-fluid fashion, crafting beautiful, quality garments and accessories tailored to the human form and all its delicious curves and lines.

Unleashing Creative Freedom: Defying Gender Stereotypes in Fashion Trends

At HARBISON, we believe that fashion should be a joyful expression of individuality and never limited by preconceived notions of gender. We invite you to simply wear what’s beautiful to you, regardless of societal expectations and gender stereotypes. Our gender-neutral and gender-fluid fashion breaks free from the confines of traditional labels, allowing you to explore a realm of unisex fashion that defies norms and celebrates the freedom of self-expression.

Gemini Bag: A Symbol of Fluidity and Style

Discover our exquisite Gemini Bag, a versatile accessory that perfectly embodies the essence of gender fluidity and fluid fashion. This bold and beautiful bag, available in both regular and mini sizes, exudes confidence, style, and versatility. With its sleek design and impeccable craftsmanship, the Gemini Bag is a statement piece that complements any outfit.

Our Commitment: Gender Fluid High Fashion, Inclusive Sizes, and Sustainability

HARBISON is dedicated to crafting expertly designed fashion that transcends traditional gender norms, offering a range of options for masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral looks. We prioritize inclusive sizes, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit and feel confident in our designs. Sustainability is at the core of our brand ethos, as we champion eco-friendly practices and create stylish and sustainable collections for the conscious consumer.

fresh, bold, updated american design

HARBISON designs are inspired by our cultural roots and our vision for a joyful life. The American fabric is not composed of dull colors. We are expanding classic American design to embrace our society’s bright, beautiful diversity. Our gender fluid clothing reflects the boldness of our collective culture with exciting designs for every person, every body, every line, and every curve. Fashion has the power to connect us and to spark something within us — confidence, presence, and joy.


Gender fluid high fashion

Expertly crafted designs for masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral looks. Every piece echoes the high standards and polished taste of our creators.


inclusive sizes
Fashion for all. Our brand offers a wide size range, ensuring everyone enjoys the perfect fit.



We champion eco-friendly practices, crafting stylish and sustainable collections for the conscious consumer.

HARBISON is a luxury fashion brand and lifestyle design studio that takes an innovative yet modernist approach to color theory, textiles, shape, drape, design, and business. We do it for that ideal customer who navigates their dressing with style, play, and intellect.

inclusivity & invitation

Inspired by the ever-evolving world of conscious fashion, HARBISON creates looks for all identities, all cultures, all colors, all bodies, and every gender identity. Inclusivity and invitation are at the heart of each creative process and business decision. Our clothing and accessories reflect the beauty of gender fluidity and the empowering idea that who you are shouldn't prescribe or limit your choices in what you wear.


If we take a personal approach to sustainability, we can nurture ourselves, our communities, and the environment.


We know the effects of strong cultural roots, and we use our platform to affirm those that are dear to us.


We use thoughtfully sourced, recycled materials to create designs that endure generations, striving to effect positive change in the fashion industry.

Bold, beautiful looks for all

Embrace fashion for all forms and identities with HARBISON. We invite everyone to experience bold, colorful, haute courture.