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Feb 6, 2014 | Fashion Blog

by Carlos J. Fonts

On February 4 Art Matters! Featured ten artists for ten spaces at Bergorf Goodman. Artists included Christopher Astley, Mattia Biagi, Kristin Cammermeyer, Sebastian Errazuriz, Lionel Estéve, Peter D. Gerakaris, Andrea Mary Marshall, Adam Parker Smith, Kasper Sonne, and WXYZ x Laura Wass. The work ranges from paintings, sculptures and video installations. The program runs until May consisting of art-inspired windows, events and various other art-based collaborations Ten Artists for Ten Spaces was created in collaboration with Kyle DeWoody, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Grey Area. Grey Area is, in their own words, “the undefined space between art and design where art is made functional and the functional is made art.” DeWoody is featured in Volume II of the Fantasy issue of Musée Magazine (coming soon), which includes an interview where she details her experiences at Grey Area and expresses her thoughts on what we can expect now and in the future for the contemporary art world.

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