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Fashion Week: New York’s Iconic Style Event | Tracy Kaler’s New York Life + Travel Blog

Sep 9, 2013 | Style

by Ashley Pagliaro

Fall Fashion Week, which displays the coming Spring’s ready-to-wear collections, (I can admit, it initially took me a bit to understand that) represents an annual time of change and ideally, evolution. Well established designers release collections they hope represent innovative, trend-setting concepts. New and emerging designers debut collections, working to solidify a space in the fashion world where their brand can comfortably grow. But the designers and their collections aren’t alone in their evolution. Fashion Week as a whole has undergone a number of changes through the years, perhaps the biggest being its location. After almost 17 years of living in (and apparently facing disagreements with) Bryant Park, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) ultimately decided to shop for a new location, finding its way to Lincoln Center. Designers, buyers, and editors initially cringed with nostalgia at this change, but ultimately decided that NYFW finally had a home that was as glamorous as the designs on the runway. Fast forward three years later and it’s as if this iconic New York event were never held elsewhere. Now that we’ve provided a proper history lesson and set the stage, it’s time to focus on the future, and more importantly –– the fashion. New York has a solid base of well known designers: Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nicole Miller. And since we know these designers have it down to a science at this point, why not take the time to feature some newbies who are showing definite signs that they will be around for much more than one season.One line particularly deserving of its more recent spotlight is, Tome, from Australian born designers Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo. Named for the new chapter in both of their lives, Tome boasts opulent fabrics (a personal weakness of mine) and clean lines. Their Spring 2014 collection debuted Friday night in an informal presentation. This time around, the designers showed their more playful side, mixing feminine corals and pinks with prints, and even adding in a touch of snakeskin.

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