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Androgynous Fashion

Jul 22, 2021

It’s time to stop limiting our concept of fashion to the two gender constructs, “male” and “female”. With the androgynous fashion movement, artists are giving people greater opportunity to express their gender identity in ways that are non-binary or more gender fluid. People are dressing for their preference and their body, rather than the Western fashion industry’s traditional ideas of gender. All we can say is: finally! Androgynous fashion can provide a vehicle to help create a look that is truly alligned with who you are. Harbison Studio is at the forefront of gender fluidity and gender neutral fashion, with the technical insight into construction for garments tailored to the human form — whoever you may be.

Androgynous Fashion: What Is it?

Fun fact: the word “androgynous” is rooted in the Latin word of ‘androgyne,’ defined as a mixture of masculine and feminine physical traits. This gender expression is also the basis of androgynous fashion. Androgynous or unisex clothing and accessories are designed to avoid male or female distinctions, instead embracing non-binary identity. Androgynous clothing is gender neutral and gender inclusive.

How To Rock Androgynous Style

Choose your color palette
Many colors have been gendered, so choosing something that works against the expected can be helpful. You also don’t need to stay with more traditional unisex shades of black, grey, white, and neutrals, you can still explore color when you’re expressing yourself. Remember, gender neutral fashion isn’t rigid — have fun with it!

Style for who you are
Androgynous fashion involves blurring the lines of our apparent gender. Whether you have historically identified with more traditional categories of fashion, androgynous women’s fashion, androgynous men’s fashion or totally androgynous fashion, styling for your authentic self should always come first.

Accessorize to finish your look
Traditionally, scarves and hats are considered gender neutral clothing. That makes them excellent accessories to mix and match with your expression of gender neutrality and androgynous style.

Harbison Studio: Changing The Game

Historically, all clothing sizes and designs have been traditionally separated into two categories: menswear and womenswear. Many people with a desire to dress androgynously and outside of those lines, were forced to buy clothing that didn’t fit correctly, often wearing loose, baggy clothing that concealed their attributes. This meant that many shoulder seams fell at the wrong spot and button-ups hugged a lot of the wrong places in unflattering ways. For this reason, genderless fashion often felt synonymous with big, baggy, and beige, with shopping for androgynous or unisex clothing often a nightmarish experience, resulting in people feeling uncertain about their bodies or excluded from the fashion conversation. Androgynous fashion is a vessell for people of all genders, ages, races and body types to dress authentically, without apology to anyone for who they are.

At Harbison Studio, we believe that gender stereotypes are archaic and harmful. Fashion has no gender. People should wear what makes them feel beautiful, powerful, and authentic. No one should settle for anything less than well-crafted, sustainably made pieces that flatter, highlight, and exalt the person wearing them. Our black-owned fashion brand is for everyone, and everybody. We don’t think of our pieces as men’s wear or women’s wear, masculine and feminine, Harbison Studio creates unisex people’s wear.

Our Androgynous Fashion Is:

High quality
Harbison Studio is not about fast fashion. Every garment is handcrafted from sustainable materials so that they last longer.

Sized with you in mind
We don’t believe that one size fits every body type, so we’ve made sure that there are more options for more people.

More than just a baggy silhouette
Androgyny is not about hiding our bodies. Quite the opposite! Androgyny is about living authentically in your body. This means wearing clothing that enhances the attributes you feel best give expression to your most authentic self.

Your body is beautiful. Harbison Studio accepts you for who you are, who you were, and who you will be. Be true to you and beholden to no one else’s expectations. Ignore any notion that you aren’t perfect just as you are. Beyond traditional gender roles, embrace gender fluidity fashion, and shop from a sustainably made, black-owned androgynous clothing brand.

– Harbison Studio

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