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Sustainable Clothing Brands

Aug 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered where your clothing comes from? It’s an important question to ask, and the answer might surprise you. How clothing is made and distributed makes a significant impact on the world we live in. Now, more than ever, it’s important to shop from sustainable clothing brands. Every piece created at Harbison Studio is thoughtfully curated, with the workers, consumers, and the planet in mind. Your purchase can make a difference. If you want to support one of the best sustainable clothing brands, shop with Harbison Studio.

What Is Sustainable Clothing?

Sustainable clothing is designed, manufactured, and distributed in ways that reduce unnecessary waste and impact on the environment. Also known as ethical fashion, sustainable fashion and sustainable clothing are created with the workers and the earth in mind.

So What Does It Mean To Be A Sustainable Clothing Brand?

It means that clothing pieces are made with sustainable materials, without harmful chemicals and dyes that are toxic to the environment. The production of the clothing is done with carbon emissions and water consumption in mind so that the earth isn’t being harmfully impacted.

But sustainable fashion also means paying retail workers a living wage. It means that the farmers who provide the textile materials (like certified organic cotton) are being fairly compensated. It means the people who manufacture the pieces are working in comfortable conditions for reasonable wages.

Each article of clothing made by sustainable clothing brands is intended to be a staple piece that you can wear every year, and because the clothing is made well, it will last you season after season. Classic pieces are always in style. When you buy sustainable fashion, you aren’t just extending the shelf life of your wardrobe — you’re helping the environment by not buying fast fashion.

Say Goodbye To Fast Fashion

There are many reasons that people might consider cutting fast fashion out of their closet. Have you ever wondered why the clothing at big box retail stores is so cheap? It’s often because the clothing was manufactured under cheap labor conditions by people of color in countries like Indonesia or China. The fast fashion industry has also done, and continues to do, terrible damage to the environment. It’s estimated that fast fashion companies release a combined total of 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. Yes, that’s billions, with a b. That’s about 10% of yearly global emissions. Fast fashion is also one of the largest consumers of water in the world. Beyond the toxic dyes and chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process, there’s also the waste that disposable fashion often ends up in landfill. According to the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, 20% of industrial wastewater pollution worldwide comes from the fashion industry, and $500bn is lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and lack of recycling.

So how do you cut out fast fashion? Invest in ethical clothing and fair trade clothing brands. You may spend more upfront for a unique clothing piece, but it is manufactured with respect for the farmers, designers, and people sewing the clothing. Sustainable fashion is built to last, so you shouldn’t need to throw it away because it rips on the first wear. With sustainable fashion shopping in mind, you can build a closet of organic ethical fashion pieces that are classic, timeless and never go out of style. In the end, you’ll not only be saving money by cultivating a couture wardrobe — you’ll be saving the environment, as well.

We can all do our part to help heal our planet. One way to do so is to give fast fashion the chop. Invest in eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton. Invest in sustainability.

Harbison Studio: A Cut Above

Harbison Studio aims to redefine what sustainable luxury brands can be. Our ethical clothing brand creates sustainable clothing with the joy, style, and intellect of our ideal customer in mind. As a black-owned luxury fashion brand, we are committed to equality for all races, gender identities, and classes. We are a feminist organization. We are a BIPOC sustainable brand. We are a gender queer company. And we are a company that is passionately committed to ethical fashion, fair trade, and the environment. Our eco-friendly fabrics are thoughtfully sourced and created with organic cotton to lessen our carbon footprint. Our workers are respectfully treated and paid. We have committed ourselves to three pillars of slow fashion sustainability:

Personal sustainability
Changing the fashion industry starts with us. At Harbison, people and the planet are made our top priority.

Cultural sustainability
We honor the roots of our culture. Men’s clothing, women’s clothing and androgynous fashion should make everyone shine. Harbison aspires to always uplift and sustain our community.

Environmental sustainability
Our sustainable materials are raw, organic, and thoughtfully sourced. Always. Our products are created to last and in turn be loved and worn for years.

Ethical clothing matters
So do our customers. We will continue to create beautiful luxury clothing from organic materials to inspire joy, love, and celebration of self — while helping heal the planet.

Harbison Studio is proud to be a sustainable clothing brand.

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