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Kamala Harris is making history as vice president. How will her style reflect that?

Jan 19, 2021 | Style

by Ruth Etiesit Samuel

Regardless of which designers she wears, Harris has an opportunity to use her clothing to share a message. “I just hope that she chooses things that fit into her story, and I hope Black designers are (part of that). She comes from a very rich background, and the strongest thing that you can do is pull from it. The images from the inauguration are going to be in history books, so this is an opportunity for a Black designer to live on way past whatever they decide their career will be,” Gregory said. The Shamdasani sisters envisioned Vice President Harris in Prabal Gurung or Autumn Adeigbo, while Jenkins expected a suit from designer Charles Harbison. However, Gregory’s prediction — Christopher John Rogers — was correct. Harris stepped into power with clothing created by two Black Southern designers. Donning a monochromatic purple look by Rogers for the inauguration, according to Vogue, she paid homage to the suffragettes who came before her and Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman elected to Congress and the first to run for president. For the inaugural concert, Harris wore an all-black tuxedo coat ensemble by South Carolinian designer Sergio Hudson. On inauguration eve, Harris wore a custom trench coat from Pyer Moss at a memorial service for lives lost to COVID-19. Kerby Jean-Raymond, the Haitian-American brand founder and designer, is of Caribbean descent like the vice president.

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