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A.M. Polishes: Priti NYC Sponsers New York Fashion Week + Fall Collection Preview

Oct 1, 2013 | Fashion Blog

by A.M Polishes

Priti NYC has been busy at the New York Fashion Week + fashion shows, being worn and collaborating with so many fantastic and talented designers. Below are some of the info postcards which show the colours featured. Which are great since they give you info on a designer’s new collection and how Priti NYC compliments them. I think the colour choices given are great which are your favourite? I have included links for easy purchase haha.. just click the names and it will lead you to the polish 🙂 Starting off with this: Of course in the month of February, they would feature a pink. I know many people who would love this! This is a bright pink with a opalescent sheen. Priti NYC collaborated with Charles Harbison to create this custom crimson lacquer. It’s just so bright and firey red! If you like this colour it comes out in mid October!

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